River Journey

Thanks for visiting The River website. Our mission is to grow a community of believers who are inspired by God and by each other to bring positive impact to our City, Region, State and the World through Getting in Love with Father God and with each other by the redeeming blood of Christ, Growing in that Love through the work of Holy Spirit and Getting others in Love by openly displaying the Goodness of God.

That’s our Journey at The River – Get In Love, Grow In Love and Get Others In Love!

Here’s how it works:

Get In Love – to have ENCOUNTER with a real God and real RELATIONSHIP with followers of Christ

  • SUNDAY GATHERINGS AND SPECIAL EVENTS – We gather together to encourage one another, experience the power of Holy Spirit and grow in joy together in these times of worship through music, prayer and encouraging words. If you are not connected to a church body and live in our area, we would love to have you hang out with our community at The River. Meeting times are listed here or you can find out about meetings and special events by subscribing to our weekly electronic bulletin, the eRiver, through our news and announcements or on our River Facebook page.
  • SOZO – A gentle and safe, inner-healing session to hear from God about issues that might hold a person back in their life journey, and connect you to Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. For more information on Sozo, click here.
  • COMMUNITY LIFE GROUPS (CLGs) – Smaller groups meet throughout the week in various locations and on various topics and interests to grow in relationship with one another. For more on CLGs, click here.

Grow In Love – to grow into a HEALTHY SPIRITUALITY and to receive IMPARTATION of the gifts of others

  • LIFE COACHING – We believe that a spiritually gifted person without character is not walking in the fullness of God’s destiny. Our life-coaching team can help a person self-assess their life-status and look at ways to remove barriers to walking into destiny. For more on life-coaching and relational health, click here.
  • WELTON ACADEMY – The Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School Online is neither a supernatural ministry school nor a dusty seminary. We have created a unique program that teaches the depths of the Word without becoming boring or denying the supernatural. We are focused on teaching the Bible through a New Covenant Kingdom perspective. Click here for more info.

Get Others in Love – We will be given ACTIVATION to go serve our community and will walk in God’s FAVOR and INFLUENCE to draw others to the Goodness of God

There are a number of areas in which you can serve:

  • MARKETPLACE MINISTRIES – The River has several unique ministries to bring God’s blessing to the businesses of Central California. If you have a heart to use the tools of heaven to support the prosperity of businesses, contact us for more information at riverspiritualresources@gmail.com.
  • MUSICAL AND CREATIVE ARTS WORSHIP TEAMS – Using one’s musical talent to bring Glory to the Father is a basic core value of The River. We believe God has called us to be a place where artistic and creative gifts are to be celebrated and displayed! If you can sing, play an instrument, paint, dance, you name it…We’d like to offer you a chance to serve with that gift. For more information, check it out here.
  • RIVERKIDS: We have created a ministry where all our children are safe and loved; where they are celebrated as individuals with their gifts and talents; and a place where they learn to contribute to their church, city and world with those talents God has given them. (Please link to the Children’s ministry section under church life)  We are always looking for fun, energetic, life giving people to be involved with RiverKids. To be involved, click here.

We encourage everyone to come to The River and:

Get in Love • Grow in Love • and Get Others in Love!

Please let us know how we can help you in your Kingdom Walk! We hope to see you again, soon!


Paul Swearengin • Sr. Leader